Hi there,

I'm Andrew Graham, born August 12, 1995, and the sole woodworker of Graham Fine Woodworks. I live in Rosedale, British Columbia, and work full-time at a rustic wood furniture shop, and in my spare time produce fine woodworking pieces through my company, Graham Fine Woodworks.

I have 2 years experience woodworking full time, as well as a year of a full-time joinery program. Aside from that, I never stop learning and practicing, and expect only the highest quality from every piece I create.

I began my ideas for a woodworking shop 3 years ago, after I had finished my joinery certificate, but nothing concrete had happened until late december of 2017. I complete roughly 1-2 projects a month, ranging from coffee and end tables to rocking chairs to canoe paddles.

If it's built with a hardwood, I can do it.

I work alone to ensure that everything is strong and built to last. All lumber is handpicked for your project, and I create all my own designs and plans to make a unique piece for every custom order.

All Hardware comes from either Lee Valley tools, or is handmade in shop.